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HOPELESS and at a complete loss. Am i ever going to live a life again? .Can anyone help me?

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Hello, Below are several links to help you search for asistance. You can also read through web links I have posted on my members page. Also check with local churches and organizations, some have assistance for utility help also. (Salvation Army - Catholic Charities etc.) I will pray extra prays for you today. GOD BLESS
Utility Help
State by state search for Online Information About Key Low-Income Benefit Programs
Lesko wants you to help yourself
National housing law project
Craigs list - find your area, register and search
HUD home page
Free and Low Cost Prescription Drugs
Department of Human Services

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I only have a one bedroom condo and since my electric is getting shut off tomorrow it will hard to find someone to live in a cold house with no electricity...


Hi...thank you for your prayers and thoughts. i had a few other seizures that year but it was linked to a medication that the neurologist gave me for headaches..I was having frequent stress headaches during that time and she prescribed of the side effects is possible seizures so more than likely that was the cause...I haven't had one since I discontinued it. I also had an EEG scan done and it was negative. I really appreciate your response..It helps to know people do care..thank you


hi Paulette, My heart goes out to you. Do you have room in your condo to take on a roommate to help with expenses? You do not state if the doctors know the source of your seizures, but if they are a constant problem maybe you could apply for disability. Also, contact the epilepsey society to see if they have any suggestions. ________________ ____________ Lord, You know the many troubles that Paulette has had in her life. Please help her. Lead her to a faith-filled, word-teaching, loving church. Provide for her needs. Heal her body. Amen.

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